Ichi and Kichi


Seductive girls

Hi Guys,


Would you like to take us out on a date and have a double girlfriend experience for a change? We will both try to be the one to get most of your attention and make you feel so special; would you like that? We are so close that people often think we are sisters, and wouldn’t it be nice to have two sisters to play with?


Of course, if you would prefer to meet us in private, we can come to your London hotel or you can visit us. We love to tease our date with an impromptu striptease or duo lap dance and perform together in bed afterwards while you watch. You will adore our bubbly personalities and we are both such pretty Japanese escort girls; so why wait, have a double date today.


Personal Profile


Age 18
Height 5'4
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Statistics 30B-20-30
Nationality Japanese
Languages English, Japanese
Height 5'4
In-Call Location Marylebone
Out-Call London + Heathrow Airport



  In-Call Out-Call
30 min£200£300
1 hour£300£400
90 min£440£580
2 hours£560£760
Dinner date£780£880

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