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Living Without Sex


Sex. It's the most natural thing in the world, we have it in our DNA to pro-create so that's what we do.  The meaning of sex can vary dramatically from person to person and culture to culture; for some it's a way to play out fantasies, for others it's the glue that hold a relationship together, some make a career out of sex, and some choose a life of celibacy - either through religious choices or perhaps they might be asexual.  Up to 1% of adults are asexual, meaning they never feel sexually attracted to anyone, having said that there are plenty of asexual people in couples who don't engage in sexual activity; sex isn’t necessary for a long term, successful relationship, so long as the partners share some sort of attraction - be it aesthetic, romantic or sensual.  However, the sad reality is that there are plenty of people living in Britain who would love to experience the pleasures of sex, but are living without it.  These people are "non-sexual" for a plethora of reasons such as having a severely low libido, living in isolation, suffering from medical or psychological conditions - all of these can inhibit someone from acting on their sexual desires. 
Sex is part physical & part mental, the skin to skin contact we experience during sex is the first primal way we as humans are comforted by our mothers when we are born.  During sex the feel good hormone oxytocin is released, helping to boost our mood, so without the benefits of these natural mood enhancers, it could lead to feelings of depressed. Living without sex when you so desire it can have serious implications on health and well-being - low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, which can all lead to loneliness, and worst of all, society can often unfairly portray lonely people as strange. 
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